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Recommended software for downloader

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Recommended software for downloader

Post  Admin on January 15th 2013, 4:05 pm

Hello everyone,
So, before downloading anything.
I Like to share several software that might be beneficial for you before downloading anything from 90K Store.

1) Internet Download Manager
Internet download manager is a download accelerator software that will maximise your speed of downloading. Usually when you download directly using your browser, the speed will be limited to certain speed and as the result, you will suffer waiting for thing you download for a long time. Keep in mind that usually maximum download speed that you can get is about 2/3 of the service that provided by your internet service provider(ISP) and if you use broadband, your speed also will be depend on it. So, you can probably calculate internet speed that you deserve to get. If you download speed is lower than expected, now it's time to try this software.

Download Internet Download Manager Full Version

2) HjSplit
HjSplit is a software that was useful in joining and splitting any file. Usually, uploader that does't have premium account of file hosting service will have limitation on uploading size. As example, Hotfile.com only allow free account uploader to download up to 400mb per file. Games and movies surely bigger than that. So, they use hjsplit to splitting this file into several part that named as .001, .002, etc. When you download all of the part, you need to join it back in order to make games working and movies playable. At that time, you will need HjSplit.

Download HjSplit from it site

3) Winrar
Same function as HjSplit, and commonly used worldwide. This software will compile and compressed anything into a rar file. Other than that, it also can split file into several file like hjsplit. This software was widely use by games' uploader as installer of games usually comes with a lot of files and by compressed it using this software. They can compile it to become only single file or several files. To decompress or extract this rar file. You will need this software.

Download Winrar from it site

So far, that's all that i want to share. I hope this information will help any new downloader.


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